Russia’s Prosecutor General Revokes Release Licenses for 150 Films

Mostly affecting adult films released on DVD, on the grounds of explicit content.


MOSCOW -- Russia’s prosecutor general has revoked release licenses for nearly 150 films on the grounds of profane language and explicit content.

The prosecutor’s office has published a list of 147 titles, primarily adult films released only on DVD, the release licenses of which it said it is revoking due to “sex-related profanity” and pornography contained in the films.

But the producers claim that their films were in compliance with the existing law and have filed lawsuits challenging the decision.

“There is serious confrontation between the [culture] ministry and producers of that kind of content,” culture minister Alexander Avdeye vwas quoted as saying by the wire service RIA Novosti. He added that some of the lawsuits have good prospects as film producers take advantage of loopholes in the law, whereby the distinction between adult content and pornography is blurred.