Tiger, Goat TV "Bromance" Sparks Russian Homosexuality Probe

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Prosecutors in Russia's Far East look into allegations that TV coverage of the unlikely friendship promotes "non-traditional sexual relations."

Russian prosecutors have begun an investigation into TV coverage of an unlikely friendship between a male tiger and a male goat in a remote nature reserve on the grounds it promotes "non-traditional sexual relations."

Goat Timur was introduced at the Primorskiy Safari Park in Russia's Far East as prey for tiger Amur.

Rather than eating the goat, the tiger befriended it, according to widespread TV coverage across Russia in the last few months.

State-funded English-language news portal Russia Beyond The Headlines reported that what it called a "bromance" had become a "global phenomenon" that "warmed hearts worldwide."

It was all too much for one Siberian lawyer. Novosibirsk-based Alexey Krestyanov saw the story of two male animals of different species living together as potentially harmful to children, alleging that TV coverage could harm minors by prompting "interest in non-traditional sexual relations."

Russia introduced laws in 2013 outlawing the promotion to youngsters of "non-traditional" relationships, sparking outrage from the country's LGBT community and criticism worldwide.

In a complaint to prosecutors, Krestyanov wrote: "The positive coverage of this topic is nothing less than interference in the personal lives of minors, which is what hidden propaganda is, and public, active imposition of homosexuality."

The Russian prosecutor general's office has now accepted the complaint and forwarded it to the Primorsky Region prosecutor's office in Vladivostok to look into the lawyer's arguments.

Meanwhile, Russian television channel Mir 24 reported Monday that Timur has been separated from Amur after the tiger's sister Taiga entered her mating season, which could cause Amur to become more aggressive.

Safari park managers have also arranged to introduce Timur to a female goat, Manka, after holding a "prettiest goat" competition to find him a partner, it reported.