Russia Unveils Co-Production Grant Winners

Moscow Downtown - H 2015
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Moscow Downtown - H 2015

Projects presented at a Venice pitching are also set to benefit from international exposure.

Russia announced the winners of co-production grants that were awarded for the first time this year during the Venice International Film Festival.

The winning projects, selected on the basis of a pitching section, include Swing, produced by Alexey Telnov and Max Efros and directed by Nicolay Dreiden; Loneliness on the Net, produced by Vlad Ryashin and Galina Balan-Timkina; The Longest Birthday, produced by Anna Dziembowska and Maxim Dashkin and Censor, produced by Nikolay Bunkin, Igor Fokin and Vladislav Pasternak.

ROSKINO, Russia's agency for international film promotion, said that it will support applications for Eurimages financing from Swing and Loneliness on the Net, while British producer Andy Whittaker, who was on the jury, will recommend The Longest Birthday to U.K. distributors.

All the projects that were pre-selected for the pitching session benefited from exposure to international producers, said Katya Mtsitouridze, CEO of ROSKINO, in a press release. "[I]t is now completely safe to say that no project went unnoticed and each one is bound to enjoy success."

"I was very happy to be a jury member of the first Russian Co-Prod Pitches because of the quality of the selected projects and also because I am a strong believer in international co-productions, and today’s event presented the perfect opportunity to trigger such international cooperation," added Pascal Diot, head of the Venice Film Market.