Russian Animated Film 'Quackerz 3D' Gets Investment From China

The film is expected to be released internationally in 2016.

China’s Star Alliance will invest in the Russian animated film Kryaknutye Kanikuly (Quackerz 3D) and plans to release it in China on at least 5,000 screens in February 2016 and co-produce its sequel, according to the producer.

Ruben Atoyan, the film's producer, told The Hollywood Reporter that the deal with Star Alliance is to be closed during Marche du Cinema. "We are not just selling rights," he said. "The Chinese are to co-invest and co-produce."

Quackerz 3D was, from the beginning of its development, intended for the international market, with the original version made in English.

The film is being produced by the Russian animation studio Rome and distributed internationally by Planeta Inform. Animation studios from Canada, Spain, Estonia and Peru are also involved in production.

"From the outset, we were looking to make an animated film that would satisfy both Russian and international viewers in terms of quality and story," Atoyan said. "This is a difficult task, which so far only U.S. majors have been able to achieve, but not always."

According to Atoyan, the film is expected to be completed this coming November.

Dates for the Russian and other international releases are to be set over the next two to three months, Atoyan said, adding that decisions will depend on a number of factors, including competition from local and foreign films, such as Kung Fu Panda 3.

Over the past year or so, China and Russia have increasingly discussed stepping up collaboration in film production.