Russian Box Office Proves Weak in September

Hollywood fare and Luc Besson's 'Lucy' are among the top-grossing releases

Russia's September box office was weaker than that in any of the year's previous months, with Hollywood releases and Luc Besson's Lucy being among the top-grossing movies.

Last month, the Russian box office amounted to 2.5 billion rubles ($61.4 million), the lowest monthly figure this year to date and 27.3 percent lower than the average monthly figure for June through August, according to a report by the analytical group Movie Research.

According to the report, September is a traditionally low period in Russia, and this year's figure still came in at 20 percent higher than September 2013.

With Russian producers unwilling to release their movies during this season, foreign releases accounted for the lion's share of the box office.

Lucy, which grossed $18.4 million, was September's top-grossing pic, followed by The Maze Runner with $9.9 million and Deliver Us from Evil with $4.5 million. The best local release, Corporate Party, grossed $4 million and became the only Russian movie to crack the top 10.

The successful performance of Lucy allowed it to make the list of Russia's 10 highest-grossing movies of the year to date, currently sitting in 10th place. Transformers: Age of Extinction is the year's box-office champion to date.