Russian Companies Report Marche du film Deals

Wizart Animation

Most of the deals were struck with China, Korea, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Russian companies have reported sales of features and animated films at Marche du film to 24 countries, according to a press release from Russian Cinema, a combined stand of Russian companies at the film market.

The production and distribution company Central Partnership sold rights to the fantasy adventure Kolovrat, sci-fi action film Mafia and thriller Ekipazh (Crew) to Korea, while an option deal was concluded on the historical drama Viking.

Wizart Animation sold rights to the second part of its Snow Queen animation franchise to Just4Kids for Benelux countries and to ITA Film for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company said that while the franchise's first two parts have been released in more than 80 countries, grossing $25 million to date, the first deals for a third Snow Queen film, which is still in production, were concluded for Middle East, Baltic States and Turkey.

The company Intercinema sold TV, VOD and DVD rights to recent movies Belaya Belaya Noch (White White Night), No Comment and Chagall-Malevich to China.

In addition to the previously announced coproduction deal on the animated film Quakers 3D, Rome Animation Studio sold the film, expected to be released internationally in late 2015 – early 2016, to Eastern Europe and Middle East.

RUSCICO struck a deal for a package of classical titles with the VOD platform Mubi.

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