Russian Culture Minister Says Film "Has No Relation" to His Novel, Wants His Name Taken off Credits

Vladimir Medinsky Russian Culture Minister

'The Wall,' adapted from Vladimir Medinsky's story, is the first film based on a book by a top Russian official still in office.

Russia's culture minister Vladimir Medinsky said the film adaptation of his novel Stena (The Wall) has "no relation" to the book and demanded that his name be taken off the credits.

"Unfortunately, the film has very little relation to the novel," Medinsky said on his Twitter account. "In my opinion, it has no relation to it at all."

Medinsky also demanded that his name be taken off the film's credits, Vladislav Kononov, executive director of the Russian Historic Military Society, headed by Medinsky, was quoted as saying by news web site

Set in 17th century Russia, The Wall is focused on the battle for the city of Smolensk between Russian troops and opposing Lithuanian and Polish forces.

The movie was written and directed by Dmitry Meskhiyev and premiered on the state-run television network Rossiya 1 this past weekend.

Meanwhile, Meskhiyev was quoted by news agency TASS as saying that he is not going to take Medinsky's name off the credits as the film presented his interpretation of the novel. Published in 2012, The Wall was Medinsky's first novel, which followed several of his non-fiction books.

As culture minister since 2012, Medinsky is known for his criticism of Hollywood films and Western culture and making historical and "patriotic" films the ministry's main funding priority.