Russian director sues over commercial breaks

Cites intellectual property rights in suit against CTC

MOSCOW -- Pavel Lyubimov, the director of the 1978 movie "Shkolny vals," has filed a lawsuit against CTC, accusing the company of violating his intellectual property rights by interrupting the recent broadcast of his film on the Domashni channel with nine commercials.

Lyubimov said that he possesses intellectual property rights to the film and has not given permission to interrupt the film with commercials.

Although the Russian legislation on advertising permits interrupting feature films with ads, Russia's filmmakers union claims that "multiple" interruption of films made before 1992 by ads contradicts the existing intellectual property law.

A report in the Russian business newspaper RBC Daily on Thursday quoted several law experts, who referred to clauses of the complicated Russian intellectual property legislation, differing on whether CTC violated any laws and whether there are good prospects for Lyubimov's suit in court.

CTC declined comment on the situation.