Russian Embassy Mocks British Prime Minister Over Election Meddling Claims

Credit: Getty / Jack Taylor
Theresa May

"Praise God it's not Russia this time," tweeted the embassy in London in response to a headline about Theresa May's accusation of international election meddling.

When British Prime Minister Theresa May made the shocking claim on Wednesday that European politicians were attempting to interfere in the upcoming U.K. election, few would expect the Russians — not exactly immune from accusations of international vote-meddling — to turn it into a joke.

But in a well-aimed tweet sent Thursday, the Russian embassy in London responded in jest to a headline in The Times that read "Brussels Is Meddling in Our Election, Warns May," adding in the line, "Praise God it's not Russia this time."

The U.K. will go to the polls June 8 following May's call for a snap general election. Her accusations over meddling were in response to leaks that described a "disastrous dinner" with the EU's top Brexit team, casting doubts over the success of her attempts to broker future trade deals. 

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