Russian 'Everybody Loves Raymond' Becomes Longest-Running Adaptation of TV Series

Courtesy of CTC
Russia's version of 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' known as 'The Voronins'

Guinness World Records makes it official as the local version of Sony Pictures Television's format has reached 455 episodes over 20 seasons.

The Russian version of Sony Pictures Television's hit Everybody Loves Raymond has officially been registered by Guinness World Records as the world’s longest-running adaptation of a TV series.

Russian network CTC, which airs the series, unveiled the news Wednesday.

The local version premiered in November 2009 under the Russian title Voroniny (The Voronins) and has run for 20 seasons. A total of 455 episodes have been produced so far.

"The Voronin family has long been close to and loved by Russian viewers," said Mikhail Rossolko, creative director of Sony Pictures Television Russia and the series' production company Lean-M. The Voronins' longevity is due to viewers' interest in the series and its characters, added Daria Legoni-Fialko, CTC's general director.

Since the 11th season, The Voronins has been based entirely on original content, featuring the characters initially adapted from Everybody Loves Raymond.

Earlier, The Voronins set a record as Russia's longest-running local version of a foreign TV show. Currently, the series' 21st season is in production.

Everybody Loves Raymond has also been adapted for other international markets, including the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, India, Egypt and Israel, though nowhere with the success it has achieved in Russia. A Polish adaptation shown on TVN in 2011 ran for only four episodes before being shelved due to low ratings.