Russian Talk Show Host Faces Punishment for Swearing About World Cup Loss

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images
A Russian talk show host swore on air during discussion of Monday's Russia-Uruguay World Cup match.

The incident took place during a discussion of Russia's defeat to Uruguay during the network's main daytime talk show, 'Vremya Pokazhet.'

Artem Sheinin, a talk show host on Channel One, Russia's largest TV network, faces punishment for swearing on air during Tuesday's live broadcast, in which the Russian national squad's recent World Cup loss to Uruguay was discussed.

Sheinin co-hosted the network's main daytime talk show Vremya Pokazhet (Time Will Show), which was partially devoted to the soccer match, which Russia lost 0-3, and to local fans' reaction to the defeat.

At some point, claiming to quote someone else, Sheinin said what can roughly be translated into English as: "The World Cup brought all our fucking idiocy to the surface." As this kind of language is taboo on Russian television, the incident immediately was all over news outlets and social media.

Channel One issued a statement saying Sheinin will be punished, but didn't specify what the punishment will be.

Meanwhile, in a later interview with local FM radio station Govorit Moskva, Sheinin made angry remarks.

"Are you really interested in this shit? I am ready to quit tomorrow," he said, adding obscenities to his comments.

Channel One airs World Cup games alongside Rossiya 1 and Match TV, and its programming focuses heavily on the soccer tournament.