Russian Media Lash Out At Hugh Laurie

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Hugh Laurie (WME, the U.K.'s Hamilton Hodell, Ziffren Brittenham) will play the villain in "RoboCop," MGM and Sony's remake of the 1987 sci-fi classic. Joel Kinnaman ("The Killing") stars.

The actor has called for boycotting the country's products as a form of protest against reports of discrimination against gay people.

MOSCOW -- Hugh Laurie's calls for boycotting Russian goods have triggered scathing remarks in Russian media and on social networking websites. Many have reminded the House M.D. star that he didn't seem to mind performing in Russia last summer.

"I'd boycott Russian goods if I could think of a single thing they made besides the rest of the world depressed," the actor said on his Twitter account apparently after reading an article in The Guardian about unfriendly attitudes towards gays in Russia.

"Yes, alright, Russian vodka is ok if you need to clean the oven," he went on to say. "For drinking, it must henceforth be Polish."

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Having seen Laurie's remarks, Russian bloggers and social media users have referenced Laurie's earlier interviews to the Russian media, in which he said that he had "fallen in love with Russian vodka."

"We should boycott Hugh Laurie's shows in Russia," said one social media user, referring to concerts he played at the Kremlin Palace last summer.

"Hugh Laurie calls on boycotting everything Russian … " another user said. "Okay, be consistent and boycott Tolstoi -- we'll see how spiritually richer you'll get."

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The local media also reacted to the actors remarks in their opinion pieces.

"Surprisingly, in his determination to boycott everything Russian, Laurie never expressed similar views at his numerous concerts in Russia, which he played many, making huge money," reads an opinion piece in Argumenty i fakty. "Is he going to boycott Russian money as well?"