Russian Movie 'Viking' Sells to China, Will Be Released on 10,000 Screens (Exclusive)

Courtesy of Central Partnership

In total, the historic action epic has been sold to over 80 territories, becoming one of Russia's biggest international sellers this year.

The Russian historic action movie Viking will be released in China on 10,000 screens under a deal closed between its production company Central Partnership and Chinese distributors Flame Node Entertainment and Beijing United Film Artists Co.

"Viking is a great action epic," Flame Node CEO Feng Yi said Wednesday in a statement. "All the scenes are stunningly beautiful."

"Viking is the biggest national box-office hit of the year, watched by 5.5 million people in Russia alone," said producer Konstantin Ernst. "Now the film will see a theatrical release in China, which adds up to over 80 territories it was already sold to."

Added Ernst: "China is the biggest theatrical market, so we are excited and honored to release Viking there. We are curious about how Chinese audiences will perceive the story of ancient Russia."

Earlier, Wild Bunch and First International Production (FIP) picked up Viking for France and French-speaking territories.

"We are very excited to have signed Viking for its high quality of production and its success in Russia," said FIP CEO Patrick Zylberman.

With sales to over 80 territories, Viking has become one of Russia's biggest international sellers this year, attracting foreign distributors with its impressive action scenes and compelling story.

"Having seen the first footage of Viking, we were very interested in bringing it to the Spanish market, because high-quality action films always have a lot of potential here, and Viking is definitely one of them," said Mar Abadín, head of acquisitions at Twelve Oaks Pictures S.L.

While Russian animation has been selling well internationally over the last few years, live-action movies have a less impressive global sales record, and Viking comes as an exception. The film was produced by Ernst and Anatoly Maximov, who also produced Timur Bekmambetov's breakthrough 2004 movie Night Watch. Released in Russia in late December 2016, Viking grossed $27 million.

The list of territories where the movie was sold also includes the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.