Russian Radio Journalist Allegedly Stabbed by Station Intruder

Oleg Nikishin/Epsilon/Getty Images

Tatyana Felgenhauer experienced non-life threatening injuries after a man forced his way into the Moscow radio station studios.

A journalist at one of Russia's top radio stations, Echo of Moscow, has allegedly been stabbed in the neck by an intruder who forced his way into the station's studios.

Tatyana Felgenhauer was left with non-life threatening injuries after the attack Monday in central Moscow, according to Echo of Moscow editor-in chief Alexei Venediktov

Photos circulating on social media and published by Russian outlets showed splashes of blood on the floor of the station's studio close to where police had restrained a man facedown.

Reports say the man forced his way past a security guard using pepper spray to temporarily disable him. He then allegedly slashed Felgenhauer with a knife.

Police say they believe the attacker was a "foreigner." The station later named a man who had made threats to Felgenhauer on his blog. The most recent blog post, dated Oct. 20, referred to Felgenhauer using a derogatory Russian term.

The radio station — owned by state-operated Gazprom Media, but considered one of Russia's last national independent broadcasting outlets — said it was believed the attacker had a personal dislike for Felgenhauer, the station's 32-year-old deputy editor-in-chief.

Felgenhauer is the daughter of Pavel Felgenhauer, a prominent military analyst who is often critical of the Kremlin.

Venediktov, said Felgenhauer was being treated for "serious" injuries but that "her life is not under threat."

Two years ago another journalist at the station, Karina Orlova, was forced to flee Russia after receiving credible death threats after a serious of reports probing the murder near the Kremlin of opposition activist Boris Nemtsov. Orlova is now based in Washington, D.C., as the station's North America correspondent.