Russian title 'Wolfy' wins Zurich Film Fest

Polanski arrest overshadows 5th Zurich event

COLOGNE, Germany --This year's Zurich Film Festival will be remembered most not for any the films or for the stars but for the guest that never made it. The arrest and continued incarceration of director Roman Polanski overshadowed all other events in Zurich this year and briefly put the young festival at the center of an international media storm.

Attention has since shifted, given the ADHD nature of the news cycle, and the fifth Zurich Film Festival wrapped up Sunday out of the media spotlight.

There was some Hollywood dazzle to close, with Morgan Freeman in town to receive this year's Golden Icon award and Michael Keaton picking up a career achievement honor.

The festival's top honor however, awarded by another VIP -- jury president Debra Winger -- went to "Wolfy" a traumatic mother-daughter tale from Russian director Vasilij Sigarev. "66/67 -- Fairplay is over," a soccer hooligan drama from directors Carsten Ludwig and Jan-Christoph Glaser won the best German-language feature prize while German/Swiss co-production "The Sound After the Storm," Patrik Soergel's look at life in New Orleans after Katrina, won the best international documentary honor.

Danish feature "Applause," from director Martin Pieter Zandvliet, starring Paprika Steen as an alcoholic trying to reconnect with her two children, won the Critics' choice award, presented by the Swiss association of film journalists.

"Ceasefire," a drama set among NGOs trying to get supplies into Falludscha during the siege of the city, won the audience prize for first-timer Lancelot von Naso.