Russian TV to Fired 'Top Gear' Host: Come Work for Us

Jeremy Clarkson - H 2015
AP Images

Jeremy Clarkson - H 2015

A channel owned by Russia's defense ministry wants fired BBC presenter Jeremy Clarkson for its own car program.

Russian TV station Zvezda, a networked owned by the Russian defense ministry, has offered work to fired Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson.

"We would like you to be a presenter of [a] motoring show on our TV channel in Moscow," said a letter addressed to Clarkson, published on Zvezda's website. "We would like to discuss all the details in person so we invite you to visit Moscow at the beginning of April."

The TV station quoted a reply from Daniel Rix, identified a spokesman for Clarkson's, saying that Clarkson will seriously consider the offer.

"I can only imagine what an episode of Russian Top Gear would like!" said an email from Rix, also published on Zvezda's website. "It could feature a Tzar in a reasonably priced car!"

The station mistranslated the latter sentence to make it sound that a show hosted by Clarkson in Russia could "become the Tzar among shows about reasonably priced cars."

Earlier this month, controversial Russian legislator Vitaly Milonov, known for his conservative and homophobic stance, was quoted be the news agency Interfax as saying that he was sure Clarkson could find a good job in Russia.

Clarkson, one of the BBC's most outspoken on-air personalities, was fired on March 25 following an incident in which he allegedly assaulted one of Top Gear's producers. So far Clarkson, an avid user of Twitter, has not commented on the Russian offer.