Russian Company to Build Replica of Winterfell Castle From 'Game of Thrones' With 3D Printer

Winterfell Castle 'Game of Thrones' - H 2016
Courtesy of HBO

The home of House Stark on HBO's historical fantasy series is being recreated in fast-setting cement.

The grim, gray outlines of Winterfell Castle, the home of House Stark on HBO's hit series Game of Thrones — which in Russia airs on Ren-TV — is being recreated on the grounds of a Russian cement factory.

The hulking form of the massive medieval-style edifice is taking shape in layer by layer of fast-setting cement at the Yekaterinburg Cement Factory in central Russia.

Poured around sections of a steel frame from a giant industrial-size version of a 3D printer, factory chiefs say the castle — which should be complete by the end of September — will serve as both a local attraction and advertisement for using new technology to create concrete frames for house building.

Factory boss Rinat Brilin told local television station Telekanal 360 that building the castle was an engineering challenge that could demonstrate the uses of industrial 3D technology.

"Why this castle?" he said. "First of all, it is, in my view, very beautiful. And it also demands the use of many new technologies to construct that simpler buildings don't require."

Unlike genuine gothic castles, or even the set for Game of Thrones, Yekaterinburg's version of Winterfell is not a labor-intensive project: Just three workers, including the computer programmer tasked with ensuring the sausage-shaped layers of liquid concrete are accurately placed, are needed for its construction.

Watch a video about the project below.