Russian World Studios eyes first-look scheme

Must be adapted to comply with Russian legislation

MOSCOW -- Russian World Studios (RWS), a major film producer and studio company, prepares to introduce the first-look scheme to the Russian market.

"This scheme of relations with subcontractors will help to bring down the costs of production and to raise the subcontractor's motivation for the production of quality product", Yuri Sapronov, RWS' general director, told The Hollywood Reporter.

So far, first-look deals have not been used in the Russian film industry, being considered a purely Western arrangement. So, this kind of deals is not covered by the country's legislation, and will have to be brought in line with Russian law, which could take a few months. "Currently, the [first look] scheme is being adapted to comply with the Russian legislation and may begin to work before the end of this year," Sapronov said.
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