Russian Zombie Slash Fest Slated for August Rollout

"Zombie Holiday," known as "Zombie Fever" internationally, ticks all the boxes for the genre.

MOSCOW – Billed as Russia’s first ever mass release zombie movie, fans of the genre got a taste Wednesday of Zombi Kanikuli 3D (Zombie Holiday).

The 95-minute slasher fest – which is slated for release in Russia and internationally (where it will be known as Zombie Fever) Aug. 15 -- ticks all the boxes for the genre.

It’s low-budget – around $700,000 not counting P&A according to producer Sergey Torchilin — has a tacky poster featuring a stocking-clad vixen in a leather jacket and a strong man wielding a bloodied hammer and sickle, Red Square’s star-topped towers in the background, and a two-minute trailer featuring machine gun-wielding chicks and bikini-clad babes, beheadings and servo-assisted mayhem released on a Russian online cinema site today.

In addition to an earlier sneak YouTube preview, a 29-second show-reel shot at night, blurry and featuring a bespectacled geek panting in terror muttering "enough" before the screen goes to black with a couple of massive thuds, it looks like Russian – and international fans of the genre won’t be disappointed.

Publicity stills feature bloodied corpses lying around a pool and a close up of a kitchen knife sticking out of the chest of a buxom wench.

Producer New Wave Production said Wednesday a DVD, Blu-Ray and 3D Blu-Ray deal had been signed with Lizard Cinema Trade for release on those platforms in Russia mid September and that film had already sold to the U.S., German and Japan with talks underway with South Korea and Australia.

The film, directed by Kirill Kemnits, has a cast that includes former girl group t.A.T.u. member Yulia Volkova and theater actor Mikhail Efremov and is set for a 500-600 print release in Russia through Top Film Distribution. Film fans at the Durban IFF in July will have a chance to see it early as it is in the line up there.

Torchilin told The Hollywood Reporter: “The film is two or three times less expensive than most Russian films that get this size release. Our team has proved that an independent movie is not only in demand in the Russian market, but can be done for a modest sum if the production is approached with intelligent to optimize costs.”