Russia's Central Partnership Inks Agreement with DT Productions,

The deal will allow CT to release the film "Nebesny Sud."

MOSCOW – Russia’s major independent film producer and distributor Central Partnership has entered a good-will agreement with DT Productions, a company reportedly linked to its former president Ruben Dishdishyan.

DT Productions agreed to release to Central Partnership the master copy of the movie Nebesny Sud (Heavenly Court), which was co-produced by the two companies, and Central Partnership dropped previous charges.

“Our demands have been satisfied, and the film’s master copy has been released in a proper quality,” Zlata Polishchuk, Central Partnership’s executive vice president, said in a statement. “When all the obligations before us are implemented, we are glad to resolve all issues in good faith.”

The litigation delayed the theatrical release of the movie, which was made with support of the state-run cinema fund, and if the delay extended, it could have had a negative impact on Central Partnership’s reputation as a state cash recipient. Now, the release of the movie has been scheduled for July.

Three court cases involving Central Partnership and companies reportedly affiliated with Dishdishyan have been initiated since he stepped down a year ago.

Earlier this month, Central Partnership won an appeal against CP Digital and is to collect 65 million roubles ($2.2 million) in back royalties on movies released on DVD by CP Digital.

Another case, in which Dishdishyan is suing Central Partnership for not giving him a producer credit on the movie Dva Dnya (Two Days), was sent back for additional investigation this week – a decision that Central Partnership welcomed.

“We are glad that the court insisted on a more thorough investigation of that case,” Polishchuk said.

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