Russia's Central Partnership unveils slate

Seven titles to benefit from $8.5 million in state support

MOSCOW -- Central Partnership, Russia's largest independent film producer, has announced the projects on which it will spend the 250 million roubles ($8.5 million) in state support, to which the company is entitled along with seven other players under the new state-funding scheme.

"We are absolutely sure that at this stage of the film industry's development, Russian producers vitally need the government's support, including funding", Central Partnership's president Ruben Dishdishyan said in a statement. "Very tough competition with U.S. films and a catastrophically small number of film theaters per person make the life of domestic film companies very difficult."

"But we also think that a lot depends upon producers themselves", he went on to say. "This is why we are investing very serious money in movies co-financed by the state."

Central Partnership will spend the state cash on the production of six films and on promotion of already completed "Dark World," Russia's first 3D movie.

Among the movies to be produced by Central Partnership with state cash, are the $5 million third installment in the sports action franchise "Shadow Boxing," the $4 million criminal drama "Home," co-produced with STV, and the $2 million World War II action/comedy "Five Brides."

According to Dishdishyan, the combined boxoffice of the seven films could be tentatively estimated at $30 million to $40 million. The proportion of state cash in the films' combined budget is to be 40%, while the rest is to be provided by Central Partnership or to come from private investors.
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