Russia's Cinema Fund Announces Recipients of State Cash

Smeshariki - P 2014

Smeshariki - P 2014

A feature version of the international cartoon franchise Kikoriki and a new project from Wizart Animation are to collect government funding

The Cinema Fund, one of Russia's two agencies administering state cash, on which the film sector heavily relies, has announced a list of 26 movie projects that are to collect $35.3 million (1.3 billion rubles) between them this year.

Among the projects to be funded by the government are Smeshariki. Deja Vu, a third feature installment in the cartoon TV series franchise Smeshariki, known internationally as Kikoriki and in the US as GoGoRiki, and Volki i Ovtsy (Wolves and Sheep), a new project by the animation studio Wizart Animation, whose previous films have been released internationally.

The government has also allocated cash for Bolshoi, focused on Moscow's Bolshoi Theater, which is to be directed by Valery Todorovsky, and Vratar Galactiki (The Galaxy's Goalkeeper), a sci-fi movie inspired by the biography of renowned 1960s football goalkeeper Lev Yashin, to be directed by Dzhanik Fayziyev.

Last year, the system of government funding in Russia changed, with the proportion of non-repayable funding decreasing. Of the 26 projects on the Cinema Fund's list, only The Galaxy's Goalkeeper and Bolshoi are to receive non-repayable subsidies. Producers of another 15 projects, including Smeshariki and Wolves and Sheep, will have to pay back part of the subsidies, and nine projects are to receive funding as fully repayable interest-free loans.