Russia's Defense Ministry Plans to Launch a Film Company

It will be producing films aimed at "patriotic education" of citizens.

MOSCOW -- Russia’s defense ministry has said it will launch a film company focused on producing “patriotic movies.”

“This year, we will form a film company that will be producing documentaries, animated films and features,” defense minister Sergei Shoigu said at a meeting of the public council under the auspices of the defense ministry Sept. 17.

“The main task [of the film company] will be revisiting our early history and patriotic education,” he added.

The defense ministry would not provide any specifics regarding the project at this time.

Meanwhile, Shoigu’s announcement resonated with earlier statements by senior government officials, including President Vladimir Putin, about the necessity of promoting patriotism among Russians.

Earlier this year, the defense ministry announced “Kinoprizyv” (“Film Draft”), a contest of screenplays and films focused on the Russian Federation’s armed forces. Entries are to be accepted until Nov. 15, and the contest is open to film professionals and amateurs alike.

Four 400,000 ruble ($12,400) cash prizes are to be awarded, one each for best screenplay, best animated film, best documentary and best feature. It's not clear at this point if the contest could be linked to the ministry’s plans to launch a film company.