Russia's Gazprom Media Launches Foreign Drama Channel

Happy Valley BBC - H 2014

Happy Valley BBC - H 2014

'Prey', 'Happy Valley' and 'Banished' will be among the first series aired on Kinoseria.

Gazprom Media, the media arm of the Russian natural gas giant Gazprom, is launching a new television channel focused on foreign drama series on Dec. 1.

Gazprom Media has purchased content for the channel, which is to be named Kinoseria, from ???, France Television, DR1, Disney and Federation Entertainment, the local business daily Kommersant reported.

Kinoseria will originally focus on European drama series, but there are plans to gradually add series from HBO, Showtime and ABC. All series will be dubbed into Russian for broadcast, as is typical in the territory.

Local drama production dominates Russian TV, though Russian-language adaptations of several U.S. series, such as The Nanny and Everybody Loves Raymond, have been big hits.

The British television series Prey, Happy Valley and Banished and the Danish TV series Borgen are scheduled to be aired on Kinoseria over the first months of its operation.

Kinoseria is to replace Gazprom Media's other channel, Mnogo TV, which focused on local television series. That sort of content will move to NTV Serial, another of Gazprom Media's recent TV launches. 

Amedia is Russia's leading television network airing foreign television series. Fox Life, Fox and Sony Entertainment Television, which because of Russia's limit on foreign ownership of media companies are operated by Russian partners, also focus on international series.