Russia's Search Engine Yandex Working on Video Control System

It is expected to prevent uploading pirated content by users.

MOSCOW -- Russia’s biggest search engine Yandex is developing a tool that would allow it to block illegitimate video content,

The company is currently working on a system that would prevent users from uploading pirated videos to its popular video service Yandex.Video, operating similarly to ContentID used by YouTube.

Yandex, alongside Russia’s other largest internet companies, has been repeatedly criticized by rights holders for not doing enough to stop the spread of pirated content online. The internet giants normally responded by saying that they are willing to remove any copyrighted material at a rights holder’s request.

However, when a new anti-piracy law was enacted last summer, which stipulates stricter punishments for online companies offering illegitimate content, even the biggest players in the segment began to take more drastic steps aimed at fighting internet piracy.

A system for control of video files uploaded by users was recently introduced by the social networking web site Odnoklassniki, and another social network, Vkontakte, which has often been accused of being “the biggest pirate” in Russia by rights holders, is also reportedly working on a video control tool.

Yandex wouldn’t say at this point when its system could be launched.