Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Antonin Scalia Sang "The Times, They Are A-Changin'" After Gay Marriage Ruling

ruth bader ginsburg antonin scalia Split - H 2015
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ruth bader ginsburg antonin scalia Split - H 2015

“He sang with great verve.”

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed that after Justice Antonin Scalia penned his scathing dissent about the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling, he proceeded to sing along to Bob Dylan at a party.

Ginsburg spoke with The Washington Post about Derrick Wang's opera Scalia/Ginsburg, centered around the friendship between the two SCOTUS judges. During her conversation with reporter Geoff Edgers, Ginsburg said Scalia participated in a sing-along to Dylan's "The Times, They Are A-Changin'."

"He sang with great verve," Ginsburg told Edgers.

Wang's one-act opera premieres on July 11 at the Castleton Festival in Virginia. It sets Ginsburg and Scalia's words to music inspired by composers like Mozart, Strauss and Verdi.

"I just hope people will have a good time and that they get a better understanding about the court and how well we work together," Ginsburg said when asked about what she hopes people will get out of watching the opera. "We’re not like Congress at the moment. So divided there’s no conversation possible. That’s the message that you get at the end of it."

She said she has seen snippets of the play and thinks it is "quite funny." She plans to see the play on opening night, but says Scalia is in Rome and won't see it.

"Some of my feminist friends say, 'How did you allow it to be ‘Scalia/Ginsburg’?'" the SCOTUS justice said. "I said, 'In this shop, seniority really counts.' Even though I’m two years older than Nino, he was appointed in the ’80s and I was appointed in 1993. He is senior, and he goes first."