Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fans Are Dressing in Costume to See 'RBG'

Mark Wilson/Getty Images
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her iconic collar look.

The justice is notorious for her feminine collars.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is notorious for more than just her dissents. The 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice has risen to pop culture stardom in the past several years for her feminism — and that includes the way she spiced up the wardrobe of a traditionally male-dominated field.

Bader Ginsburg, whose face appears on mugs, shirts and other apparel with the slogan "Notorious RBG," often wears her robes with a frilly, feminine collar. As described in the May 4 film RBG, the robes have an opening at the top for a man’s collar and tie to peek through. She instead adds lace or beaded collars for her signature touch.

In promotion of the documentary — from Participant Media, Magnolia Pictures and CNN Films — filmmakers have been encouraging guests to dress up as the iconic justice. The movie shared a post on social media to “rock your RBG-inspired outfits” and use #RBGMovie.

In addition to profiling her beginnings at Harvard Law School, and her rise in her profession, the documentary explains her sartorial strategy, that certain collars are for delivering majority opinions while others — a black collar — are for dissenting opinions. In the film, Bader Ginsburg shows off her closet with collars on hangers, including one kept in a box from the University of Hawaii made with lace and shells.

Holly Gordon of Participant Media tells The Hollywood Reporter, "The cultural importance of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her decades-long work to achieve gender equality can’t be overstated, not only because of the fundamental values that inform her opinions, but also because of the way she does it."

Gordon adds, “She’s tiny but mighty, a quiet titan, an 85-year-old cultural phenom whose judicial collars alone are epically stylish. Simply put, she’s just so damn cool."

Fans have answered the call, showing up with black robes, gavels and, yes, collars. 


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Others showed their support by taking pictures with a cutout robe at screenings.


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And Washington Square Park also boasted a pop-up photo opp on Friday. 


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RBG is now in theaters.