Can We Talk About Ruth Bader Ginsburg's SOTU Gloves?

ruth bader ginsburg Hugging Obama - P 2015
AP Images/Invision

ruth bader ginsburg Hugging Obama - P 2015

Notorious R.B.G. took a cue from Amal Clooney's Golden Globes accessory. You go, Ginsburg.

While the Internet is ablaze with President Obama's 2015 State of the Union address (and his GOP quips) and Michelle's sold-out Michael Kors suit that made an appearance on the Good Wife, there's another moment worth mentioning: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's completely adorable knitted gloves.

Taking a cue from Amal Clooney's much-talked-about Golden Globes accessory, Notorious R.B.G. was spotted wearing a pair of short crocheted gloves while giving the president a hug after his speech. The Supreme Court Justice even complemented her mittens with her colorfully knitted jabot like a total badass.

The style community has even taken to discussing her gloves, with stylist Karla Welch posting an Instagram photo of Ginsburg and Obama hugging and commenting on her own photo with a follow-up hashtag #betterglovesthanamal. The accessory even prompted Lena Dunham to leave a comment, posting three consecutive heart-eyes emojis after she wrote in all caps "GLOVES."

Could gloves be this season's "It" accessory? Perhaps, but nonetheless, it seems the most influential women as of late have made it clear that mittens are a must-have. If these are the next status symbol of intelligence and power, we'll take two please.

Now, where's that @RBGGloves Twitter account?