Ryan Gosling Apologizes for "Vulgar," Too-Tight Suit

Barry King
Ryan Gosling

It's okay, Ryan, we forgive you.

On last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Ryan Gosling made us all blush when he revealed that the plaid gray suit he was wearing was just a wee bit tight. 

"It's wildly inappropriate," he conceded to Kimmel. "I feel like I'm going steady with these pants." By the following night, however, it looked as though the actor had learned his lesson. The 35-year-old arrived at the Los Angeles premiere of his latest flick, The Nice Guys, in a perfectly tailored, blue peak lapel two button Gucci suit, which he paired with a white shirt by Anto and a powder blue Gucci tie that was embellished with a single flower.

Gosling told The Hollywood Reporter of his Gucci look, "[It's] not as tight as the other night," adding, "this is a very elegant size." As for the offending gray number from his Kimmel appearance, he had this apology: "Sorry, that was vulgar."

He also added the too-tight suit incident is one that will never be repeated, as he "immediately went and checked all of my suits," following Monday's debacle. But thanks to the Internet, the tale (and photos) will live on. 

GUCCI GUY: Gosling in a Gucci suit at The Nice Guys premiere in L.A. (Photo: Getty Images)