Bradley Cooper Comments on 'Sexiest Man Alive' Debacle; Admits to Looking at Ryan Gosling Pics for Comparison

Ryan Gosling Bradley Cooper - H 2011
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Ryan Gosling Bradley Cooper - H 2011

"The Hangover II" actor experienced a large backlash after receiving People Magazine's annual title over the "Drive" star.

In Nov., readers caused an uproar over the naming of Bradley Cooper as People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive," arguing that 2011 breakout star Ryan Gosling should have received the title.

But Cooper isn't harboring any ill-will towards his good-looking competitor. 

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While appearing on Britain's The Grahma Norton Show, the actor was asked about the title.

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"There was such a backlash to when they announced it and Ryan Gosling, who I love and I just did a movie with him — he’s the greatest — but we were both in Paris this last week and a friend of mine showed me … photographs from the paparazzi — and when I say friend, I mean me, alone in my room, looking at the computer," he joked with the UK talk show host. "And it’s like him walking around and he literally looks like he’s in a photoshoot, like he just came off the runway, like the pea coat is like this with the scarf. There are ones of me, and I literally look like the neighbor who never really comes out of his house, and when he does, you’re like, ‘Maybe you should just stay in.’ We don’t know what he does in there. So it’s been interesting.” 

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Being the Sexiest Man has also affected Cooper in other ways. 

“I’m finally at an age — I’m 36 years old — where I really don’t care about anything like that anymore, which is a wonderful thing and then this happened and then I started to realize just how not sexy I am,” he said. “I have a lot of moments where [I’m] walking out and I’ll open up the door [and think to myself], ‘I could do that a lot sexier,’” he laughed.

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Cooper also revealed The Hangover Part III details while on Norton's program, saying he thinks he'll start shooting  in the fall of 2012.