Ryan Gosling Breaks Up NYC Scuffle (Video)

The actor plays a reluctant hero in "Drive" but has no hesitation intervening in a street fight in real life.

In his upcoming movie Drive, Ryan Gosling plays a man who reluctantly steps in to protect a neighbor from harm. In real life, Gosling also looks out for people in trouble, as evinced by a recent YouTube video showing him breaking up a fight in New York City.

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The video starts by showing a bearded man grappling with an older man holding onto a painting. Other men attempt to intervene in the scuffle, which takes place in the middle of the street, but it isn't until Gosling shows up that it's resolved.

The actor strides in the melee holding a brown shopping bag and wearing a blue-and-white striped tank top, blue baseball cap, rolled up pants and sneakers. He deflects the bearded man's arm as he swings at the other man, drops his shopping bag, and puts himself between the men to break them apart.

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Gosling escorts the men off the street at which point the scene is obscured because the girl taping it turns hysterical at seeing Gosling in the flesh.

Girl #1:"You know who that is, right? That's the guy from the movie."

Girl #2 recording the scene, "What movie?"

Girl #1 "The Notebook."

Girl #2 "Are you serious?" Squeals ensue. "You're lying. Oh my god it is! Oh my god it is!"

Gosling appears in frame at the :25 second mark below.