Ryan Gosling 'Embarrassed' by NYC Street Fight

"I should have just kept my nose out of it," he says after the video of him breaking up a feud goes viral online.

Ryan Gosling regrets trying to break up a fight in New York City last month.

"I'm embarrassed," he tells MTV News. "I should have just kept my nose out of it."

Gosling says it went down like this: "The guy was a fan, and so he wanted the painting so bad he had to steal it because he couldn't afford it."

"So he finally steals the painting and he's getting his ass kicked by his hero, and then the guy from The Notebook shows up and makes it weirder. The whole thing, nobody wins. Nobody won," he added.

Gosling is currently filming The Place Beyond the Pines.

His next film, thriller Drive, opens on Sept. 16.