Ryan Gosling: I wish Steve Carell Was My Dad

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The actor tells THR his 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' counterpart is 'everything all the time.'

Ryan Gosling has worked with many of Hollywood's elite, but there was one actor he's been dying to appear alongside for the last 14 years. 

"Steve Carell. I just love him," the actor raved to The Hollywood Reporter of his Crazy, Stupid, Love co-star at the film's Tuesday night premiere in New York City. "He’s the best. I got a man crush on him. I want to be like him. I wish he was my dad."

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But, his affections didn't start because of Carell's successes in the last few years. He's been a fan since before The Office. "I’ve just liked him since I was 17. The first thing I got in Hollywood was a part in a TV show that he was on and I was just kind of in awe of him. I used to go to set to watch him a lot and I promised myself that I would work with him one day and I kept that promise. I’m living the dream." 

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Carell wasn't the only onscreen counterpart Gosling was in the mood to praise. 

"There's nobody like her," he gushed of his character's love interest Emma Stone (who will also be starring in The Help this August). 

And the compliments didn't stop there. When asked what it was like to work with her, Gosling, who plays the actress' bad-boy love interest in the film, opening Friday, said: "It's impossible to describe. She's everything all the time." 

In fact, Stone's casting was a huge relief for him. "As soon as she signed on, I knew [the film] was going to be good," said Gosling. "The whole film depends on my character giving it all up for her. She just came into the room and it made sense. Show me someone who won’t give it all up for Emma Stone and I’ll show you a liar."