Ryan Gosling Named Coolest Person of 2011

Drive - Movie Still: Ryan Gosling - 2011
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Melissa McCarthy, Zach Galifianakis and SEAL Team 6 were among the contenders.

It's been a good week for Ryan Gosling.

On Thursday, the actor received two Golden Globe nominations, one for the romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love and the other for the George Clooney-directed political thriller Ides of March -- but that wasn't all. Gosling was also named the coolest person of the year, at least according to Time magazine, not to be confused with person of the year ("the protester").

It wasn't a cake walk for the 31-year-old actor, with members of SEAL Team 6, responsible for raiding Osama bin Laden's compound; Bridesmaids and Mike & Molly star Melissa McCarthy; Wikileak's Julian Assange; and Zach Galifianakis being bandied about.

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Time defined Gosling as "a man who is tough but emotional," citing his headline-making brawl breakup on the streets of New York City, taking childrens' ballet classes and playing in a band that accompanied a marionette show in Los Angeles as reasons for the choice.

"Gosling was in four movies this year, yet he didn't seem overexposed because he was always so different," Time's Joel Stein wrote. "In Blue Valentine he was desperate, in Drive he was scary, in The Ides of March he was slimy and in Crazy Stupid Love he was six-packy."

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Industry veteran Henry Winkler said, "There is not a genre he is not comfortable in. Cool is being comfortable in your own skin. Everything stems from that." While James Franco said, "Ryan is the true king of cool."

Gosling and Franco were among the actors who participated in THR's annual actors roundtable during awards season last year.

Gosling is currently filming Gangster Squad.