Ryan Gosling Re-creates 'Titanic' Moment in 'SNL' Promo

SNL Host Ryan Gosling & Aidy Bryant Wail on Their Pecs Screen Shot - H 2015
Courtesy of SNL/YouTube

And Aidy Bryant works really hard to win his love.

Ryan Gosling — one of the stars of Paramount's upcoming The Big Short, which is the focus of this week's THR cover story — is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. And SNL castmember Aidy Bryant is taking full advantage of the chance to bond.

As the two hang out downstairs at 30 Rock, Bryant tries to impress Gosling with all she's got — terrible pickup lines, superhuman strength ("I can bench 250") — and even resorts to cheating a little in her pursuit of the Gos by making her own cue cards commanding the two to make out.

At last, it feels as if they might be heading in the right direction, with Gosling leaning over a railing and re-creating a moment from Titanic. But alas, this is Rockefeller Center, not the middle of the ocean, and it looks like Bryant's pursuit of romance may have been thwarted again.

Check out the promo below.