Ryan Gosling Teaches Jimmy Kimmel How to Waltz: "Let's Get Sensitive, Man"

Gosling Kimmel_screengrab - H 2016

Gosling Kimmel_screengrab - H 2016

"The world melts away — it's just you and I," the 'La La Land' star says as he instructs the late-night host.

Ryan Gosling's Mickey Mouse Club days didn't help him with his dancing in La La Land, and he told Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday that despite his recent extensive training, he's already forgotten most of his moves.

"I forget everything," Gosling told Kimmel. "As soon as we did it, I emptied out my brain and had to program it with what else was coming up next.” The only thing he remembered is how to waltz, saying it was easier than tap-dancing.

Kimmel requested a waltzing lesson from Gosling, who replied that he can teach him, but he only knows "the guy part," so Kimmel had to be comfortable with Gosling leading.

"I want to say one thing: If you feel anything, it's just a cigarette," joked Kimmel. Gosling was all about setting the mood: He requested romantic music and said, "Come on! Let's get sensitive, man."

A few steps into the lesson, the actor stopped the music and chastised Kimmel for not making eye contact with him. "Where are you looking at?" he asked. "I want to feel like I'm the only person in the room."

His romantic instructions continued, "The world melts away — it's just you and I."

During his interview, Gosling also brought Kimmel a present: a "best host" mini Oscar statuette in honor of Kimmel being the host of the 2017 Oscars. "I believe you're going to be the best host ever, my friend," said Gosling. 

The actor also presented Kimmel with chocolate cigars to congratulate him on the baby he and his wife have on the way.

Gosling then shared an awkward moment he had at the last Oscars, when Chris Rock finished his monologue and ran into him backstage. Watch below.