Ryan Gosling's High Collar Is the Only Standout From New 'Blade Runner' Poster

Blade Runner 2049 - Screenshot - H 2017

Twitter users agree.

New posters for the Blade Runner sequel were released Thursday; however, they failed to deliver the same impact as the original from 1982.

One poster depicts Harrison Ford, who returns as ex-police officer Rick Deckard, in front of a massive decapitated head statue against a warm orange backdrop, while the other one sees co-star Ryan Gosling in a front of a futuristic car. As THR's Ryan Parker noted, the posters don't feature anything the December trailer didn't already tease.

The only saving grace, perhaps, is the high collar on Gosling's coat — though it's got nothing on the oversize chevron-patterned fur coat seen on Rachael (Sean Young) or the transparent raincoat on Zhora (Joanna Cassidy) from the 1982 film.

Twitter users were quick to notice the high collar too.

For the sequel, Renee April is listed as the movie's costume designer on IMDb. While the funnel-neck collar is the only sartorial standout at the moment, we're hoping April will be able to make a style statement to rival the museum-worthy designs of original costume designers Michael Kaplan and Charles Knode.

Blade Runner 2049, directed by Denis Villeneuve, is set to be released Oct. 6 via Warner Bros.