Ryan Kavanaugh Attacks Brett Ratner in Deleted Twitter Tirade

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"There is no one to bust me. So yes I say it as it is. Period," the Relativity Media executive tweeted.

Ryan Kavanaugh had some choice words for Brett Ratner on Friday night in a Twitter rant that he later purged. 

The Relativity Media CEO attacked Ratner on Twitter, calling him a "sleaze" and "the epitome of casting couch" in a series of tweets aimed at his 16,000 followers and some specifically sent to the filmmaker and RatPac Entertainment executive. Kavanaugh's tweets below have now been deleted.

"He's arguably the biggest sleeze anyone in Hollywood or a wannabe actress has met," read one of Kavanaugh's tweets. "Should be a commercial beware of fatman." Later, he posted an image of Ratner's IMDb page with the comment, "What part of this says he has any taste." The director's credits include Tower Heist, Rush Hour 3 and X-Men: The Last Stand

Some tweets also were directed at Relativity president Dana Brunetti, who responded to Kavanaugh saying that Ratner "has the gall to roll his eyes at the mention of our names. He's a slimeball." 

After filing one of Hollywood's biggest-ever bankruptcies last July, the Kavanaugh-led Relativity won approval to exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March.

Ratner is a partner with James Packer at RatPac, which has a major financing deal at Warner Bros. Earlier this year, the director was part of a group who objected to how Kavanaugh planned to reorganize Relativity and take the studio out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. An exec producer on MTV's documentary Catfish, Ratner also argued that he was pushed out of the subsequent series produced by Relativity Television and that he was owed a stake in the profits. 

And just this month, Kavanaugh, who has been outspoken on Twitter about Israel and President Barack Obama, told The Hollywood Reporter how he plans to remain unfiltered on the platform since he joined this summer. “If I feel something was missed by the media or needs to be addressed, I will certainly not hesitate,” he said.

When a Twitter user asked Kavanaugh what prompted his late-night Twitter rant, Kavanaugh responded, "honestly I heard a story from another model of Brett's house and it was the last disgusting story I could hear." 

A rep for Ratner declined to comment.

Below are some of Kavanaugh's tweets about Ratner

Aug. 20, 10:10 a.m. PT: Updated with response from Ratner's rep and information that Kavanaugh's tweets have been deleted.