Ryan Kavanaugh's Helicopter Commute Rankles Neighbors

Sofitel Hotel Landing Pad 2011
Los Angeles Times

The Relativity chief had been using the Sofitel Hotel's emergency helipad to land his chopper.

Relativity chief Ryan Kavanaugh's helicopter commute from Malibu to Los Angeles has been grounded, for now.

The exec had been landing his chopper on the roof of the Sofitel Hotel until neighbors in adjacent West Hollywood, upset over the noise and disruption of the helicopter, discovered that the landing pad was for emergency use only and filed a complaint with city officials.

The flights were stopped but the hotel now plans to file for a temporary permit that would allow guests to land and takeoff at the helipad as an "exclusive luxury" hotel amenity, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Kavanaugh no longer uses the helipad to reach his company's office. A spokesman for Relativity Media and Kavanaugh told the Times,  "The minute Mr. Kavanaugh found out there was a permitting issue with the Sofitel, he stopped landing there immediately and he would not land anywhere in the city that does not have the correct and needed permits."