Ryan Lochte Chats About Prince Harry's Nude Vegas Party on 'Today' (Video)

Today Show Ryan Lochte on Prince Harry - H 2012

Today Show Ryan Lochte on Prince Harry - H 2012

"I don't need that," the Olympics swimmer said about not being invited to the royal's wild evening.

Ryan Lochte returned to the Today Show on Thursday morning, and was grilled about his Las Vegas interactions with Prince Harry, and what he thought about Prince Harry’s strip-billiards game that went on later that night.

Lochte, who has been enjoying plenty of media attention since winning five medals at the 2012 Olympic Games, met Prince Harry at a pool in Las Vegas, and the two had a drunken swimming race at about 3 a.m. Monday morning, according to reports.

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Lochte told Matt Lauer that the whole meeting came about when Prince Harry’s people told him that he wanted to meet the Olympian. After meeting, the Prince asked if Lochte would like to race him in the party pool.

“We jumped in, and we just started racing,” Lochte told Lauer. “He’s really a nice guy, and he’s really talkative.”

Lochte told Lauer that he was not invited back to Prince Harry’s party in his VIP hotel room, where a strip billiards game took place. Two grainy cell phone photos of a nude Prince Harry hit the web 24 hours later.

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The 28-year-old swimmer, who will appear on the upcoming season of the CW’s 90210, told Lauer that he was “kinda happy” that he wasn’t invited to the now-infamous party. “I don't need that," he said.

Lochte has been vocal about his post-Olympics plans, saying he would be interested in doing a reality show and also wants to start a fashion line. He’s mentioned both The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars as possible next steps.

Watch Lochte's Today interview below.

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