Hollywood Reacts to Ryan Lochte Robbery Lie With Jokes, Outrage

Ryan Lochte - Getty-H 2016
Harry How/Getty Images

Meanwhile, memes featuring Brian Williams and scenes from 'Forrest Gump,' 'Zoolander' proliferate on social media.

By Thursday afternoon, hours after a gas station video first revealed that Ryan Lochte and his Olympic teammates were not robbed at gunpoint, as they initially claimed, social media was still abuzz with talk of the swimmer's scandal.

#LochteGate, #RyanLochte and #LochMess were all still among the Top 10 trends on Twitter as of 4 p.m. ET.

Rio officials later confirmed that Lochte and teammates Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz and Jimmy Feigen were not robbed and instead vandalized a gas station bathroom and were compelled by security guards to pay for the damage. Police had earlier in the week had trouble finding evidence to support the swimmers' claim.

Even Hollywood stars were getting in on the action, tweeting about Lochte's situation as more information about what really happened was revealed on Thursday. Albert Brooks, Josh Malina and Seth Meyers were among those joking about the discovery that Lochte's story was not true, with Meyers including a clip of Seth MacFarlane's impression of Lochte on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, saying of the 2012 bit, "Starting to think Seth MacFarlane played Lochte too smart." Meanwhile, others, like Keith Olbermann, Kumail Nanjiani and Toure, were outraged, with the latter two suggesting that Lochte's situation was an example of white privilege and the "ugly Americans" stereotype.

Read on to see what the stars are saying about Lochte.

Those tweets weren't the only way Hollywood got in on the Lochte drama. Various movies and TV shows quickly became the basis of memes and gifs sent around. Forrest Gump, Zoolander, The Hangover, Pinocchio and even Making a Murderer were all used to comment on Lochte. And Brian Williams, who was found to have repeatedly misstated his role and experience reporting on various incidents, was also the subject of numerous memes. Check out some of those below.