This Is Why Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Went for Silver (Hair, That Is)

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It's because his grills would have been too obvious.

Competitive swimmer Ryan Lochte shocked the interwebs Monday when he unveiled his new silver-blue locks, courtesy of Atlanta-based hairstylist Jennifer Jones. Some fans questioned his decision ("omg ew no why why," wrote one Instagram follower), while others didn't mind ("He can do whatever he wants with that jawline lol," read one comment).

According to the 11-time Olympic medalist, he wanted to do something other than his usual grills, which he wore for the 2012 London Games (it caused quite the controversy then), 2011 World Championship in Shanghai, 2009 World Championship in Rome and 2008 Beijing Olympics.


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"Usually I've always done the grills (on his teeth) at the Olympics," he told USA Today. "I left the grills at home. I had to do something different so why not the hair? It's different, that's me, that's my personality. People say, 'Oh, you're hiding your gray hair now that you're 32,' which is true, so I went full gray."

Coincidentally Lochte just celebrated his 32nd birthday on Wednesday.

"Happy bday @ryanlochte !!!" captioned fellow swimmer Michael Phelps on Instagram. "The old dudes on the team now!!!" Now Lochte even has the hair to match. Let's just hope it lasts longer than his short-lived 2013 reality series What Would Ryan Lochte Do?


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