Ryan Murphy Talks Golden Globes: 'American Horror Story' Nomination 'Feels Particularly Sweet'

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Regulars at Face Place include "Too Big to Fail" producer Carol Fenelon, Murphy and "Weeds" director Scott Ellis.

Murphy, who plans to celebrate with both the "Glee" and "American Horror Story" crews today, says the latter's season finale next week will answer any remaining questions about his characters' fate.

When Ryan Murphy turned his ringer off silent this morning, there was "an explosion" of congratulatory messages.

The co-creator of both Fox's Glee and FX's American Horror Story has much to celebrate. The most recent colleciton of accolades comes from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which nominated his series in the best comedy and drama categories, respectively. Horror Story's Jessica Lange was nominated in the best supporting actress category as well.

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"I'm always thrilled about Glee," he says, his elation on display. "But I think the American Horror Story one feels particularly sweet."

Murphy is the first to admit the process wasn't always this joyful. "At the beginning of the show, I think people were a little bit confused about how you tell a horror story in an emotional way and that's what we've tried to do," he says, noting that many told him he that shouldn't do a horror show unless it featured zombies or vampires -- a piece of advice he and his co-creator Brad Falchuk prompty ignored by hiring what Murphy calls "a dream cast" and diving into production. 

Now as for what's to come for that "dream cast" featuring Connie Britton, whose character died in Wednesday's episode, Murphy's staying mum. "I don't want to say anything until the finale airs because all of those questions will be answered in the finale."