Ryan O'Neal's Andy Warhol Lawsuit Drags On

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The University of Texas is suing the actor for a painting of Farrah Fawcett.

Ryan O'Neal isn't having a good month.

The actor, who accompanied son Redmond to court Thursday where the troubled young man plead not guilty to charges that he possessed heroin and an illegal handgun at the time of his Tuesday arrest, is also in hot water with the University of Texas.

O'Neal was supposed to file a response August 1 to a civil suit filed by the school's Board of Regents reports Radar Online. The suit claims that the actor is still in possession of an Andy Warhol portrait of Farrah Fawcett which rightfully belongs to the school after the actress' death. 

Fawcett bequeathed her art collection to UT, her alma mater, and the painting in question is said to be worth up to $30 million. 

At the time the suit was filed, O'Neal's spokesperson issued a statement saying the Warhol did in fact belong to the actor: "This is a completely ridiculous lawsuit. Ryan's friendship with Andy Warhol began ten years prior to his meeting Farrah Fawcett. When Ryan introduced Farrah to Andy Warhol, he chose to complete two portraits of her, one for Miss Fawcett and one for Mr. O'Neal. Mr O'Neal looks forward to being completely vindicated in the courts."

O'Neal also filed a $1 million defamation lawsuit against Craig Nevius, Fawcett's former personal assistant July 14. The actor claimed Nevius made false statements to the media, which prompted the University of Texas to demand he give them the portrait. 

In papers filed with the courts Monday, O'Neal's attorney Marin Singer requested an extension and was granted an additional ten days. 

His response must now be filed by August 11.