Did Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Have a Secret Wedding?

A police report initiated by the actor refers to his “Green Lantern” costar as his wife, which has fueled speculation the couple took their relationship to the next level.

Could Ryan Reynolds have married another comic-book starlet?

Speculation ignited Saturday that the actor, once wed to Avengers star Scarlett Johanson, secretly married his Green Lantern co-star Blake Lively.

The cause of all the commotion? An unassuming police report, which lists Lively as the actor’s wife.

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According to a police report filed July 8 in Bedford Hills, N.Y., Reynolds complained a car had been following the couple, and suspected its occupant was a photographer. The officer writing the report referred to “Ryan Reynolds and his wife,” TMZ reports.

Though the wife’s name was blacked out, the officer presumably was referring to Lively, who has been spotted with Reynolds in Bedford Hills, where they own a cottage together. The existence of a Mrs. Ryan Reynolds is referred to a second time in the report as well.

But don’t rush to congratulate the couple just yet.

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Just hours father the news broke, multiple outlets reported receiving denials from Lively’s reps, who say the police officer simply made a mistake in assuming the couple were married.

The official denials haven’t stopped the flow of tweets from well-wishers, as dozens of (mostly female) fans expressed congratulations to the couple.