Ryan Reynolds Reveals Blake Lively's Destructive Tendencies

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

As in, she makes a total mess of the house while getting ready.

From the outside, Blake Lively’s life is the definition of picture-perfect. Which is why it’s even more exciting to find out that, behind the scenes, things get a little messy. During an AOL Build talk, her hubby, Ryan Reynolds, revealed what happens before a red-carpet event.


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“I see a totally destroyed closet, bedroom and kitchen by the time she walks out the door. I don’t even know how shoes got in the freezer; it's seriously nuts,” he said. Good to know there is actual chaos when it comes to half-a-dozen wardrobe changes in a day.

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Furthermore, Reynolds shared that “there’s kung fu involved. It’s really intense.” And although he alluded to the fact that his newly brond wife usually looks flawless, it’s because "She's turned [red carpets] into an athletic event. I see what goes into that: real science. It's unbelievable. You guys see the finished product.”