Ryan Reynolds Makes Out With Conan O'Brien in 'Notebook 2' Parody

Ryan Reynolds Conan OBrien Notebook - Screenshot - H - 2016
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The actor also confirmed the gender of his second child with Blake Lively.

Ryan Reynolds got his Ryan Gosling on with Conan O'Brien on Wednesday.

Reynolds made an appearance on Conan and tried to get the audience to guess what he was promoting, listing options such as his new line of ham underwear and his anti-dolphin documentary before moving on to The Notebook 2.

"Remember that vacation we took in Tijuana — we split that bottle of absinthe?" he said to O'Brien. "Well, we fell in love, and I filmed it."

The show went to a clip of O'Brien and Reynolds reenacting the famous "I wrote you every day for a year" rain scene from The Notebook. O'Brien read Rachel McAdams' part, wearing a blue dress with pearls. The two ended the scene in a passionate, long kiss.


If you're a bird, I'm a bird. #ConanNYC

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During his visit, Reynolds also confirmed that his second child with Blake Lively is a girl. He nodded when O'Brien mentioned the actor had two daughters, saying it's a "lot of estrogen" in his house.

in a way I just can't seem to channel anything else.""]

"It feels like an American Girl doll just took a shit on my life," said Reynolds, discussing having two daughters under 2. "I'll pour some cereal in the morning, and there's like a tiny shoe in there. That's a choking hazard for me."

When he got home at the end of the day, his wife, Blake Lively, joked that she knew her Conan-kissing husband had gotten into trouble earlier because he treated her to cookies and milk. She hashtagged The Notebook quote "If you're a bird, I'm a bird."