Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman's Raunchy 'The Change-Up' Promo (Video)

Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds - Movie Still: The Change-Up - H - 2011
Richard Cartwright/Universal Studios

To promote their new flick, they mock grandmothers, Asians, Hispanics, their prior movies, "Planet of the Apes" - and more!

Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds mock their prior movies, product placements, grandmas and a few nationalities in a hilarious new promo for their movie, The Change-Up, which hits theaters Friday.

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Wearing matching white suits and sitting on plain stools in a bare-bones studio, an off-camera voice instructs them to talk about the premise of the movie because "people really love body switching."

"We can tell them that body switching is a pretty stupid idea," says Reynolds.

The off-camera voice then says, "We really want to downplay this movie almost got a NC-17… so say this movie is perfect for everyone, even grandmas."

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"Really?" says Bateman, as Reynolds adds, "I stick my thumb up somebody's a-s," which is bleeped out. "Is she a freak?" says Bateman. "We'll take her money!" Jokes Reynolds, "Hey grandma, bring your bridge friends, and a big bucket of soft foods!"

Then they ask if they can "do something about the Asians," before launching into a riff on their language, and later slipping into Spanish.

"We really want to say that we didn't compromise, we didn't sell out," says Bateman, before the off-camera voice asks if they "can say that holding a bag of no trans fat air chips." When Reynolds gives a death stare and refuses to hold the bag, Bateman pleads, "Don't hurt him, Lantern!"

They then make fun of the chips, joke about "stroking out," ask if they can "get our beaks wet" making money off the promo, and promise their new film is "no dumber than a movie about a bunch of talking apes."