Ryan Reynolds Mourns Lost Virginity With #DadJoke Tweet

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Ryan Reynolds

Plus, he reveals daughter James' official birthday.

Dad jokes, amirite?

For many aged 12-19, they're a source of contention — a hotbed of embarrassment, shame and possibly the subject of future therapy sessions.

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But there's something pleasant, dare I say funny, about them when they're uttered from the mouth of a dad who happens to look like, and also be, Ryan Reynolds.

The 39-year-old papa of daughter James posted this hilarious tweet in celebration of the one-year anniversary of her birth. "Happy birthday to my baby girl!" reads a tweet, which confirms James' Dec. 16 birthdate. "Sad I lost my virginity. But thankful I have a daughter." Oh, Ryan, you jokester you!

Here's to hoping that James makes it through her adolescent years unscathed after the inevitable onslaught of dad jokes.


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