Ryan Reynolds Plays Thumb Wars With Baby James

AP Images/Invision
Ryan Reynolds


Three short days ago, good-looking person Ryan Reynolds blessed us with his presence on Instagram. He has since been 'gramming away, posting photos to promote his new movie, Deadpool, as well as a few de rigeur pics essential to every healthy Insta account, such as shots of his puppies and his sweet ride (in Reynolds' case, a shiny new motorcycle). 

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Though there is a noticeable lack of selfies, the actor made up for his missing mug by posting a soul-crushingly adorable photo of baby James "thumb wrestling" with her pop. Reynolds captioned the photo, "Thumb wrestling isn't always fair. Curiously, my hand is the small one." 


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The Insta post is the photo-hungry public's first glimpse of baby James, as Reynolds and his equally good-looking wife, Blake Lively (who also regrammed her hubby's pic), have been uber protective of their tiny tot's privacy. But even if it's just a tiny, cuddly hand, we'll take it.